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How to Pick Up a Gay Guy?

Sitting at the corner of a party, feeling lonely and looking around, you must have guessed â??is the flamboyantly dressed guy with twinkle toes gay?â??

â?¦Contemplating to pick up a gay guy of your type and already feeling butterflies in the stomach??? But, the process of picking up is not that difficult and nerve-wracking one, as it has been perceived to be. You may not be a natural seducer like some other gay men, but that must not prevent you from trying your hands at picking up men. If you follow our guidelines minutely, you will be game for it!

Come; letâ??s share the tricksâ?¦

Suppose, you get besotted with the charming guy whom you have just come across in the bar or club. Your heart has already started beating for him!!!â?¦What are you going to do now??? Here are some valuable tipsâ?¦

First of all, making eye contact is really important. If, in any case, he doesnâ??t notice you, do something (possibly, dancing, singing or cracking a joke) that will catch his attention instantaneously. But, beware, donâ??t create a scene or make a fool out of yourself. That may lead to negative consequences.

Giving him a fleeting look over and again is welcome, but ogling at him at a stretch can be irritating. An interested person will surely return your glancesâ?¦ and that makes your job half done.

A slight shy smile of yours can follow his fleeting glimpses. All these make the process of picking up more exciting.

Once you become sure that the person is interested, you can go straight to him and talk. If the guy is partying with his friends, please donâ??t forget to utter â??Excuse meâ?? to him and his friends before talking. You are advised to just pass by him, in case, you are feeling too shy to talk to him in front of others. While going by, give him such signals that the chap gets lured to talk to you at a corner place of the room.

Once he comes closer to you, your duty is to introduce yourself. You may ask him his name, where he lives, his occupation and other necessary details. Just kick-start a proper conversation.

Next, you can invite him to the dance floor or offer him a drink along with pizza. Never get panicky and talk and behave as naturally as possible. Going over the top and showing artificial emotions unnecessarily can be a major put off. Donâ??t get disheartened if he is not willing to dance with you, maybe he is as nervous as you are.

Say that you had a great time talking to him. Exchanging mobile numbers and e-mail IDs will be great. Once he gives you a call (maybe the same night, the next day or few days later), you can be sure that you are succeeded in picking up the gay guy of your dreams. Now itâ??s your turn to congratulate yourself, because you have made it!!!

Some other essential tips

The aspect of physical charisma can never be ignored. You may not be an Adonis, but dressing up in neat and clean clothes and putting on some make-up can sometimes create sheer magic.

Besides working on your appearance, you have to enhance your social skills as well. How you walk and how you talk surely does matter. Otherwise, the chance of succeeding in picking up your man becomes less.

The more you approach and meet different types of guys, the more you become adept in the game. You are required to come out of your shell. Being shy and introvert canâ??t give you much in this field. Brush up your conversational proficiency.

The terms hesitation and nervousness should not be there in your dictionary. These traits cannot take you anywhere. For coming up with flying colors in the game of seduction, you have to put all your inhibitions behind bar.

Try to start up conversations in a decent note. Keep yourself away from cheesy and horny pick-up lines. These things can easily turn one off.

As you carry on your tête-à-tête, say something that can keep him engrossed. You can express your preferences with essential inputs like â??That guy was a real hunkâ?? etc. These references are vital in keeping your discussion going.

Give him time to develop attraction for you. You should neither force yourself on him nor make gratuitous sexual overtones.

Give him compliments, but donâ??t get overboard with them. You should never sound like a fake.

All your gestures and postures are supposed to be in a measured way. Make the values within you evident. Keep away from meaningless talking. Try to show him your sense of humor. Narrate the joyous moments you have spent with your ex-boyfriends. By any means, you have to bring forward all your good qualities.

Fleeting touches often create wonders. But, crossing the limit of decency can mar your whole process of picking up.

If your guy turns out to be straight and has made his preferences clear to you, thereâ??s no need to stretch your conversation anymore. Nothing is worse than creating pressure on a straight guy for getting into a relationship.

Hope, now you have understood the ways of picking up your manâ?¦so, why are you wasting anymore timeâ?¦Letâ??s embark on the exhilarating adventureâ?¦ & have funâ?¦more fun!!!

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