Check Out The Pros And Cons Of Dating Pick Up Lines

Do you think a common dating pickup line is the way best to start a conversation? Have you looked at your non-existent social life and finally realized that this approach obviously isn’t working for you?

Although this may come as a great shock to many men, pickup lines are looked down upon and usually cause the user of the line to crash and burn, not succeed with the object of their attraction; therefore, using pickup lines should be avoided at all costs.

The main issue with pickup lines is that they are usually far too sexual and relatively disrespectful, not to mention cheesy. If you are seeking some kind of relationship with a straight male, these types of disrespectful, cheesy lines will turn him off completely and possibly offend him, not impress him. The lines hinder and distract from the cool person you really are and puts the focus solely on sex, which creates an uncomfortable situation.

For a change, start out by asking questions of him, instead of insulting his intelligence with a bunch of outdated pickup lines. Taking this approach with that straight man who has caught your eye will easily open a dialogue, as just being polite obligates him to respond, and a question is a great way to start a conversation without being threatening, especially if it’s light-hearted and sincere. All of us love it when someone asks for our opinion, and we know for men it’s a way of having their ego stroked.

By asking a man for his opinion about something, while inserting your own in the conversation, you’re easily able to charm him. When you have a conversation going both of you will have some common ground between you, and he’ll be more willing to spend time with you again in the future, which is when you’ll be able to discuss your desire to have a more intimate and sexual relationship with him.

Seducing a straight male is definitely a challenge and requires you to have a lot of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Find out how you can get any guy you want by discovering seduction secrets in a step-by-step guide.

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