Adult Dating Websites – An Historically Significant Event Maybe?

Have you ever visited an adult dating site? I did recently. I was astounded by the numbers of paying members that used it. Sure, it was one of the popular ones, but there were tens of millions of members at this site. The “family friendly” dating sites in comparison look like little niches sites, hardly ever visited.

The behaviors encouraged at adult dating sites is not typical of the behaviors in society. Its not mainstream. In the “offline world”, dating typically starts from a low contact basis and only progresses in intimacy as you learn more about your dating partner. So being out of the ordinary begs the question – why are the so popular?

Obviously the internet gives us an element on anonymity. Does this anonymity though, change us? Does it give us the courage to be more honest about what we want and what we ask for. Its possible I guess. The pain of rejection at such a website barely exists. Rejection in the form of a nasty email or no email, is much easier to take than rejection in the form of a slapped cheek or thrown drink.

If so, it will be interesting to see in coming years, whether the adult dating phenomena will have any impact on society. For example, will the new “honesty” skills we learn on these types of websites translate into “honesty” skills in social situations.

I wonder if this will impact current dating and flirting behaviors. Will we become so desensitized to rejection that flirting and “getting to know” someone first, is replaced by a system of direct questions and answers? Will good manners themselves become redundant?

Or could it change things in the opposite direction? Will the fear of rejection in public become more acute, for its absence on the internet? If so, will the next generation of daters be more averse to socializing and meeting people outside websites?

These are questions I ponder, but have no answer for. Only time will tell. So I’m just going to have fun dating in the meantime, there are so many new people to meet at this site I just joined.

Jayde Johanssen, confounded by the popularity of adult dating sites, wonders whether the phenomena will impact society itself. This article, Adult Dating Websites – An Historically Significant Event Maybe? is released under a creative commons attribution license.